Accelerate leadership development with the power of coaching



Accelerating leadership development by the power of coaching

The greatest, most potent weapon in any organsation’s arsenal is its people – it is vital to help them upskill and stay up-to-date in their fields as job roles and responsibilities continuously transform in this VUCA world. When companies invest in cultivating their talent regardless of natural retention and attrition lifecycles, they are bound to prosper on all fronts.

So when CoachHub, a leading global talent development platform joined hands with Sodexo, the result was transformational. By taking a deeper look at the skill gaps and behavioural changes needed, CoachHub was able to tailor a personalised program and accelerate their leadership development in only 4 weeks. For Sodexo, an 80-year old company that has consistently been a global leader in food services and facilities management, it was able to scale the program across APAC, Middle East and Africa.

To know more about Sodexo’s transformation journey, People Matters, in partnership with Coachhub, brings to you this exclusive case study that:

  • Shows the impact of personalised digital coaching to help leaders thrive and succeed

  • Highlights how 70% of coaching participants across 7 countries saw a behavioural change

  • Provides you with insight into how coaching has created lasting impact on Sodexo’s leaders

  • Elaborates why coaching is amongst the most sought after interventions for leadership development

And more! If you’re looking to level up your leadership for the evolving world of work, then this story with its key takeaways is for you.


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