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Small Companies Mega Possibilities



People Matters and Keka explore compensation and benefits as a key tool for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) to win the war for talent. The new era of work presents a chance for small businesses to attract and retain talent with innovative compensation packages, personalised benefits and relevant initiatives that address the evolving needs of the workforce.

While startups score well in terms of salary hikes and promotion, the rate of attrition remains higher. Additionally, many family-run businesses and mature MSMEs following traditional work models are not well equipped to experiment with new ways of compensating and retaining employees.

In the new groundbreaking eBook, Small Companies, Mega Possibilities: Reimagining Compensation & Benefits for Small Businesses, our exclusive resource will help you:

  • Identify emerging trends in compensation & benefits planning

  • Understand the current state of compensation & benefits among SMEs

  • Explore new factors in salary benchmarking 

  • Learn how digital payroll systems enhance compensation & benefits strategies

  • Discover new ways to compensate, reward, recognise and retain talent


Download your copy and elevate your salary and benefits offerings for your next phase of growth.

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