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Returning to the Workplace and Emerging Stronger



No one had a playbook for a global pandemic. Suddenly, we all faced unprecedented upheaval in how and where we work, and businesses needed to adapt on the fly as conditions changed. Essential services had to reinvent while operating at full capacity, and other organizations had to move a vast majority of people to remote work.

Inspired by what we’ve heard from our community and our own experience, some best practices emerged for how organizations can return to the workplace safely—and emerge even stronger from the crisis.

What’s the next right step in the wake of a global pandemic? This guide offers a step-by-step checklist to help your organization navigate a safe return to the workplace and emerge even stronger from this time of crisis.

Download the exclusive report and:

  1. Find out how agility and a great employee experience are essential to an organization’s success amid crisis

  2. Learn about the importance of having a ‘Structured Approach’ to crisis management

  3. Identify and understand the three phases in returning to the workplace safely

  4. Implement the three phases efficiently with Workday Solutions

  5. Create your own path to organizational change effectively



We hope this guide has provided some helpful information for you to chart your own path to organizational change and emerge stronger.

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