The Refresh Guidebook



The emerging hybrid world of work has changed work-life as we know it. The shifts at the workplace, both temporary and permanent, have forced companies to deal with new realities that will redefine the business roadmap of knowledge workers.

In less than two years, remote operations of the organization moved from a business enabler to the centre of business. Most organizations have only started to think about what the future of work will look like. A study by McKinsey shows that although 9 out of 10 executives envision a hybrid model, most of them have only high-level plans. In fact, 68% of companies don't have detailed plans.

In this dynamic business environment, the only way forward is to continuously reimagine the way we work. This guidebook focuses on one of the crucial elements of reimagining work: Digital Learning.

As learners navigated a remote, self-driven working environment, there are key lessons on how to support learning mandates.

In this guidebook, you will learn about:

  • Why Refresh?
  • Mapping change in the L&D space
  • How to reimagine L&D for a hybrid workplace
  • Enable and track learning engagement
  • Rethink your learning tools and audit spending
  • Design action steps to overcome fatigue
  • LeadFocus on building transformative leadershiping

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