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Talent Trends 2022



India is emerging as a key market where young companies, small and medium enterprises, startups and unicorns are facing massive growth. After experiencing a slowdown during the pandemic, these organisations are not only bouncing back but looking to thrive in the post-pandemic milieu.

To benchmark the current state of work in young organisations and chart a roadmap towards the future, People Matters and Keka present to you the much-needed research on the state of small and emerging businesses and highlight the talent trends among startups, unicorns and SMEs. The research reached 300 business leaders, HR professionals and founders across India.

The research focused on big business disruption, challenges and their implications on talent management, delving into HR practices and technology in these fast-growing organisations.

Here are some key findings:

  • Fast-growing organisations prioritise building an attractive evp and employer brand.

  • Skills shortages hinder business growth.

  • The role of HR in small and medium companies go beyond operations and administration. 

  • Majority of the leaders feel less prepared for the ongoing business and talent disruptions.

Get your copy and:

  • Spot the top talent challenges startups, SMEs and unicorns are facing.

  • Learn about the top priorities of these fast-growing organisations.

  • Gain insights on key roles emerging in HR teams.

  • Get a sneak peek of current capabilities of SMEs in attracting, developing and retaining talent.

  • Learn what are the key skills startups, SMEs and unicorns investing in.

  • Explore how some of these fast-growing companies are addressing the ongoing talent challenges and reimagining HR by taking a peek into their best practices.


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