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The Digital Learning Divide Report


The Digital Learning Divide: Leveraging New Hire Onboarding for Accelerated Digital Readiness report by People Matters and Simplilearn, explores the growing role of onboarding in kickstarting the learning journeys of new hires. With the search for digital talent on the rise and companies facing a renewed war for talent, the whitepaper delves into the skilling landscape and how new hire onboarding can become a vital variable in the equation of business growth and success.

With a blend of expert views and quantitative data points, the whitepaper unpacks critical determinants of a successful skilling program that starts at the onboarding stage of the employee life cycle. By looking at different aspects of designing and implementing robust new hire onboarding programs such as pre-boarding, mentorships, skill maps and assessments, etc., the report makes for an informative read for those looking for actionable insights into making their new hire onboarding impactful.

In the report, you will find:

  • Insightful survey results that paint a clear picture of the new hire onboarding landscape

  • Expert opinions curated across different touchpoints on building a successful new hire onboarding program

  • An in-depth look at the different facets of new hire onboarding and how you can improve them

  • A snapshot into the best practices of leveraging new hire onboarding to make your digital journey a success


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