Top Considerations When Buying a Learning Solution



As the investment in learning and development steadily increases to keep pace with the evolving business landscape, it is critical to understand how learning solutions can align with your organisation’s unique employee development goals.

Learning programs are multi-faceted initiatives that address diverse needs across teams and departments. The strategic importance of investing in a learning solution lies in upskilling employees, preparing for talent transformation and engaging the workforce. However, to achieve these meaningful outcomes for the business and drive innovation, certain key features must be prioritised when buying learning solutions.

To address these needs for L&D teams today, Udemy Business comes to you with an exclusive checklist that outlines the focus areas when buying any learning solution and designing a holistic learning ecosystem for your workforce. In here, you will find:

  • A list of features and capabilities to look for when building an integrated learning ecosystem

  • Solutions to prioritise to offer flexible, customised learner content

  • How organisations can develop technical skills with L&D solutions

  • Features to look out for to track usage and metrics of your learning programs

  • Technical integrations and security features crucial to the digital learning infrastructure

Download now and invest in the right learning solution to meet your unique business needs!


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