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Why employees leave and 4 ways recognition can slow resignation



The role of work in our lives is changing. Expectations of work-life integration are changing at breakneck speed. After more than two years of pandemic adjustments, people are re-evaluating their life priorities and the role work plays, contributing to the Great Resignation. In fact, 36% of employees who quit in the past six months did so without having another job lined up, and 40% of employees plan to leave their current jobs in 3-6 months.

Why is this happening? And where are employees going? The truth is many employees aren’t leaving their jobs for a similar job with more pay and benefits or better brand name. They are leaving for completely different careers that give them more control and flexibility over their lives.

How do organisations slow the current rate of resignations? An authentic, meaningful culture of recognition has a big role to play.

Read this white paper to learn more about how HR leaders can leverage recognition to enhance their talent strategies, as well as other interesting findings, including:

  • The four ways in which recognition can contribute to your talent management strategy

  • Impact of recognition programs on employees working in a hybrid environment

  • The elements that contribute to a successful hybrid employee experience

  • The key takeaways from companies that have put these insights into practice

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