Leadership & Coaching in the Hybrid World

Online Cohort Course
June 7th, 2021

In this Cohort Certification program, we will consider how the shift in workplace structures, people practices, workforce and customer needs is forcing us to rethink the way we lead and coach virtual teams. You will understand the traits of Remote People Leaders, the foundation of remote facilitating, virtual coaching and ways to embrace the virtual working landscape.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the shift in business models, delivery models and customer needs
  • Virtual Facilitation Methodologies, Icebreakers & Technology Tools
  • Mindset, Toolset & Skill Set for Remote people leaders
  • Learn ways to restructure regular coaching and its barriers

What You Will Learn

Reflect Current shifts and its impact on work
  1. Stories that bring about the context of work change
  2. People’s element of transformation
  3. Business element of transformation
Assimilate Virtual Team Realignment & Fast-Tracking Change Management
  1. Distributed, Remote, Hybrid: How does that affect the needs?
  2. Ways of Working: Synchronous & Asynchronous
  3. Adapting Communication Channels
  4. Navigating Technology Tools & Challenges
  5. Defining the Virtual Team Culture
  6. Visible Teamwork Model
LIVE Session Masterclass Learn from the Experts

Rethinking Work & New Skills to manage Hybrid teams

Apply Relate, Reflect & Realign Team Engagement
  1. Assessing where you are (individually & as a team) on the remote team journey
  2. Challenges and Barriers to Coaching
  3. Strategic Virtual Team Map Template: Ways of Working, Goals, Roles, Cadence, Technologies, Measuring Success
Contribute Add into each other, share & grow
  1. Peer Feedforward: “Better if” mindset, add to your peers elements that can help them be more effective as team leaders
  2. Bonus Material: What are the Business Chemistry Types and How is Yours?
Online Cohort Course
June 7th, 2021
4 Weeks
2 hours/week
US$ 125
Pricing Price(USD)
Per Learner US$ 125

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Meet Your Instructors

Pilar Orti

Virtual not Distant

Author of "Thinking Remote. Inspiration for Leaders of Distributed Teams”

Ester Martinez

CEO & Editor-in-Chief
People Matters

Sacha Connor

Founder and CEO
Virtual Work Insider

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Going remote is a team sport. Like any other massive change process, it requires a complete shift in mindset, skillsets and toolsets. We encourage you to take the certification courses as a team so the learning is inclusive and has the biggest, most effective impact.

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Our expert coaches and global thought leaders have extensive applied industry knowledge. They'll help deepen your understanding and application of the program content by facilitating group discussions, live coaching moments, and assignment feedback.

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Join virtual live coaching groups for deeper conversation, reflection, and connection led by our expert coaches and global thought leader and connect with learners across the globe.

Receive Feedback

Gain tips, techniques, and feedback guide on your assignments; and share and receive feedback on assignments from peers.

Loved by Learners Across the Globe

Sharing of key insights by expert speakers in a succinct manner. Quick way to pick up insights and tips to build people analytics.

Joelle Chui
HR Leader, NTUC

I believe the overall program structure pre-work, session & post interactive work has made this a learning experience! As the multiple concepts and experiences, prompts you to dig deeper and opens your learning horizon.

Swapna Nair
Vice President Human Resources, Share Chat

I love the seamless delivery of the topic and that the presentations included examples of how other companies are doing it. How the speakers were so knowledgeable and generous of their learning is simply amazing.

Maria Cristina L. Abelarde
HR Leader, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation

An amazing learning platform by #PeopleMatters Team in enabling HR community to #Resolve, #Remagine and #Reconnect the journey of Employee Experience. Apart from getting key insights from Industry experts it offered peer to peer learning through reflection, assimilation and application of concepts around the complete Employee Experience. Great insights from all expert speakers

Anushree Verma

People Matters Certification Program was a unique experience of learning various EX solutions across the employee journey on how to reconstruct it in today’s context and maximize engagement, alignment, and productivity. With over 600+ participants and 10 Global Experts facilitating the live sessions, People Matters gave me the unique opportunity to interact, discuss ideas and network with fellow participants. Thank you People Matters for providing this wonderful learning opportunity.

Sandeep Kumar
HR Engagement Partner, Maersk Global Services

Loved the BeNext learning platform blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning. Participants have a daily target! If they don't reflect on the short video or learning item and comment on a topic... it disappears by the end of the day! Planned constraints like this 'motivate' participants to stay on track. The engaged core group of 'Navigators' work with the 'lighthouses' to help others to be engaged as well. Each section also has a great set of reflective questions that generate deep insights. Great job Ester Martinez and team BeNext and People Matters!

Rohit Shenoy
AVP HR (Organization & Talent Development), Sterlite Power

Just finished the content of week 2 of People Matters BeNext Online Facilitator training. After week one, leading a virtual team, week two focused on facilitating meetings online. I am not new to the topics, but I am really learning a lot. The best part? Getting to experience many new tools and ideas during the live Masterclasses, while interacting both during the live sessions and on the learning platform with inspiring professionals I would most likely never had the opportunity to meet in the physical world. Thanks to the Peoplematters team around Ester Martinez making this possible! Looking forward to two more weeks of the program to come! #peoplematters.

Sandra Wohlers
Head of Human Resources, ERNI Asia

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