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Building 10 on 10 organizations - L&D’s

role in enabling peak performance


Jan 27 - Feb 3, 2021

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All About The Week


Building 10 on 10 organizations - L&D’s role in enabling peak performance

From an intern to the CEO, everyone strives for greatness…but it’s only when individuals and teams begin to maximize their potential that you raise the bar, to achieve peak performance!

Harappa Education exists because they believe there is massive untapped potential in the Indian workforce.  Most organizations acquire talent quite easily, but maximizing their potential & raising the bar to achieve peak performance? That’s another challenge altogether. 

Through lived wisdom, extensive research and deep industry engagement, Harappa has identified 150 workplace behaviors that are required to achieve peak performance. The Harappa 10 on 10 program has been designed to inculcate these behaviors in your teams.

In this campaign in partnership with Harappa Education & People Matters, we’d be looking at the different aspects of accelerating HR and L&D’s role in enabling peak performance for your employees.

Hear From Top Leaders Live


Thursday,January 28
11 am - 12 pm
Navigating a maze: A blended learning strategy for multiple skills, devices, platforms and formats

Digital learning saw a renewed importance over the past year. As companies identified skill gaps, they turned to enable almost all of their learning online – from classroom sessions, face to face coaching, and group based training programs. As businesses open up, there are multiple avenues to learn too. In this context, how can companies balance the needs of personalization with effective learning delivery and assessment? And how can they build and track a cohesive learning policy that covers a range of devices, learning platforms and formats?

Webcast Friday,January 29
11 am - 12 pm
Measuring learning performance - Feedback, milestones, and behavior custodians

A holistic approach to measuring learning performance would capture a number of inputs – right from feedback, assessments, and measuring milestones. But how do you assess these inputs and take the right action steps from them? And what kind of L&D support is needed to achieve peak performance? In this webcast, we will talk to leading experts to understand how they’re thinking about measuring learning performance pre, during and post learning delivery.

Masterclass Wednesday,February 3
2.30 pm - 3.30 pm
The (complete) skill benchmarking toolkit - How to set your L&D teams for success

With increasing L&D focus on building behavioral skills for the workplace, benchmarking learning is a key challenge today. Skill benchmarking is crucial for identifying learning needs and monitoring progress, rendering a comprehensive measurement methodology for behavioral learning as the need of the hour.

In this Masterclass, you will learn about how leading companies are executing skill benchmarking processes that’s not just up to date, but is aligned to their current L&D strategies.

What’s in it for you?


Opportunity to connect, share insights, and find out how businesses are raising the bar for workplace learning


Get answers on the key components of the ongoing revolution in the role of L&D


Find out the role of relevant, reliable, and intelligent technology in achieving peak performance


Learn how to build 10 on 10 organizations

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