Webcast: A data-driven approach to employee engagement
A data-driven approach to employee engagement
LIVE Virtual Session
Monday, SEP 27th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
A data-driven approach to employee engagement

Using science to build a healthy Organisation Culture

The importance of ‘building a healthy culture’ has gained enormous mindspace over the last few years. However, many startups & big companies still struggle to tackle this obstacle head-on in their organisations. With a talent first eco-system it becomes even more important to build a workplace that attracts, engages and retains the right talent

Some insights on culture building from the eNPS (employee net promoter score) & capability building work we have done with 100+ high growth startups in the Indian/SEA ecosystem:

  1. Ecosystem eNPS range: -17 to 72
  2. Poor eNPS results in high attrition - People with low eNPS have a 39% attrition rate
  3. Broken people practices & policies are one of the key reasons for lower eNPS (>70% of orgs)

Managers with mNPS>40 have a profound positive impact on eNPS

  1. 20% of managers have mNPS < 0
  2. “Regular “1:1 conversations”, “Fairness” &” “Problem solving guidance” are the top 3 factors that drive mNPS in the ecosystem.

This webcast by People Matters & xto10x, we will together try to explore the following

  1. How to define culture - what makes a workplace special?
  2. What are the high Impact rituals (OKRs, Town Halls etc) to drive the culture you want to build?
  3. How to use practices like PM, Rewards, hiring to shape the org you want to build?
  4. What do good managers do differently?
  5. What is the data-driven approach to measure & improve your org Culture ?

Our Speakers
Suchismita Burman
Suchismita Burman

CHRO, ITC Infotech

Smriti Krishna Singh
Smriti Krishna Singh

Founder, Kristalball, Ex-CHRO Flipkart, Sony Pictures Networks

Arun Vigneswaran
Arun Vigneswaran

Head, People excellence at xto10x

Atma Godara
Atma Godara

Production HR Generalist - APAC, Netflix

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