Webcast: Out-Of-The-Box Recruitment: Acquiring Talent For The Long Haul
Out-Of-The-Box Recruitment: Acquiring Talent For The Long Haul
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14th | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST
Out-Of-The-Box Recruitment: Acquiring Talent For The Long Haul

Winning talent and creating an attractive employer brand remains a top challenge for startups, SMEs and unicorns alike. In India, 80% of SMEs had experienced extremely high levels of resignations over the past 12 months as the global Great Resignation phenomenon has impacted the region, as per What’s Next in E-Commerce survey. Furthermore, in the latest research by Keka and People Matters, respondents highlighted Talent Acquisition and Retention as among their top challenges for the year.

How can you hire candidates that can grow within your company and stick around for long term? How can your organisation respond to the changing employee preferences and create a compelling employer brand? Can technology make it easier to connect with relevant candidates within and outside the company?

Let’s explore the revolutionary ways paving the way for a new era of recruitment and find out how some fast-growing companies are building strong talent pipelines.

In this webcast, we dive deep into the shifting landscape of recruitment:

  1. How do you identify your talent needs and align it with your business vision and constantly evolving industry?
  2. How can you describe and showcase the employee experience to your potential employees across different segments of the workforce-fulltime, gig, frontline, remote, in-office?
  3. How can companies cultivate positive candidate relationships, especially in a remote setup?
  4. What are the hacks of creating a sticky company culture where employees want to work for the long haul?

Our Speakers
Anju Kurien
Anju Kurien

Chief Talent Officer, Omnicom Media Group India

Sudeep Ralhan
Sudeep Ralhan

CHRO, Upstox

Priyank Jha
Priyank Jha

Product Manager, Keka

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