Webcast: Bridging the disconnect between women in technology and employers
Bridging the disconnect between women in technology and employers
TUESDAY, MARCH 29th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Bridging the disconnect between women in technology and employers

A recent study by Skillsoft revealed a disconnect between women in technology and employers. While the research showed women’s desire for professional development and career advancement, the lack of opportunity at the workplace was holding back their growth.

For example, while 86 percent of respondents cited opportunities for professional development and training as extremely or very important to them, just 42 percent said their employers currently offer this as a benefit.

Additionally, when asked about the top challenges they have faced while pursuing a tech-related career, nearly a third of women surveyed (32 percent) pointed to a lack of training.

In this context, how can organizations better equip themselves and their employees to make the most of this talented employee segment?

  • What are some of the top challenges that is stalling the growth of women in technology?
  • How can companies audit their career and growth plans to better align to expectations?
  • What are the strategic changes that need to be brought from a short and long-term perspective?
  • How are learning programs going to impact job satisfaction, security, benefits and opportunities?
  • Our Speakers
    Josephine Shobana
    Josephine Shobana

    HR Manager, Learning Technology

    Sangeetha Priya
    Sangeetha Priya

    Global Digital Learning, Sutherland

    Scherezade Bahmani
    Scherezade Bahmani

    DGM, Learning & Development
    Tata Motors

    Luisa Golgini
    Luisa Golgini

    Director, Customer Success APAC & India

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