Webcast: Building high-performing young companies | Module 3: Building sustainable hybrid work models
Building high-performing young companies | Module 3: Building sustainable hybrid work models
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22nd | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Building high-performing young companies | Module 3: Building sustainable hybrid work models

Small businesses typically have fewer employees. However, as data from the International Labour Organization show, micro and small enterprises together account for a staggering 70 percent of employment worldwide. These organisations may be smaller in size and scale, but they have the potential to fuel economic growth and drive higher productivity for the entire nation. However, for exponential growth to foster, MSMEs need to scale faster and more sustainably.

The journey from becoming an idea to a small business or startup, and ultimately growing into a high-performing organisation is not easy. Leaders have to invest in innovation and human capability. But a strict regulatory environment, lack of access to funds, and skills shortages create roadblocks in the growth journey of small businesses. Additionally, MSMEs compete with large enterprises that can invest more in training, pay higher wages and offer better working conditions.

How can SMEs outpace the competition when it comes to productivity and quality of employment? What are the possibilities for them?

To help SMEs and their leaders, People Matters and Keka present an exclusive masterclass series.


Module 1: Mastering strategy execution (Session ended! Register to access the recording)

What does it take to turn ideas into reality? Learn from business leaders driving exponential business growth, the ways to build capabilities, design high-performance work, and ensure successful strategy execution.

Module 2: Leading digitisation for better CX & EX (Session ended! Register to access the recording)

The pandemic has prompted MSMEs to go headfirst into the next stage of digitisation and to rethink their business and operating models. How are leaders managing the transition, and deploying new technology to enhance employee and consumer experience in 2022? How can MSMEs ensure the continuity and sustainability of work and business processes? Let’s explore how fast-growing businesses can lead successful and sustainable digitisation with experience at the centre.

Module 3: Building sustainable hybrid work models (Session ended! Register to access the recording)

Evolving talent demands are challenging traditional workplace practices, thereby requiring leaders to redesign existing work arrangements to make room for flexibility. Are MSMEs ready for this change? Explore the complex and evolving models of hybrid work to understand what works for you.

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Here’s what makes SMEs Symposium a one-of-a-kind learning experience for small business owners and startup leaders:

  1. Experts and leaders in business will come together to share actionable insights and uncover ways to manage talent, drive innovation and enhance productivity.
  2. SMEs can find solutions to the most critical challenges that hinder business growth.
  3. Attendees can learn what’s working for companies already on the path to becoming a high-performing organisation.
  4. The SME community can explore ways to build capabilities within their HR teams to scale and sustain business impact.

Our Speakers
Tarun Mathur
Tarun Mathur

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, PolicyBazaar.com (Module: 1)

Anshul Srivastava
Anshul Srivastava

Senior Product Manager, Keka (Module: 1)

Jasmine Gorimar
Jasmine Gorimar

Digital Transformation Strategist – Group Technology, Mahindra Group (Module: 2)

Vishal Joshi
Vishal Joshi

Manager- Customer Success, Keka (Module: 2)

Nishigandha S
Nishigandha S

Manager – People Success, Fynd (Module: 3)

Kshitiz Sachan
Kshitiz Sachan

Lead Process Strategist, Keka (Module: 3)

Our Partner: Keka

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