Chaos drives opportunity: Reboot your workplace for the post lockdown era v2
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Friday, 10th June 2020, 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Chaos drives opportunity: Reboot your workplace for the post lockdown era

With business profitability and sustenance in question organizations need to ensure that they rethink and reboot their businesses for a better future. From an employee perspective too, trust and experience in the post lockdown phase will become of paramount importance. As HR & Business owners, how do you manage a post lockdown comeback when revenues might have shrunk significantly?

Forward-looking organizations will seize on this opportunity to build a digital future. The current crisis brings an opportunity to:

  • Pivot to a new business model
  • Reboot your workplace for the post lockdown era
  • Embark on the Digital Transformation journey

In this webinar, you will learn more about digital solutions that can help you create a safe and smart workplace post lockdown. You will also gain insights on how you can design a more agile organizational design that breeds innovation and enhances employee experience.

Learn how to create an employee experience (EX) that is in tune with the expectations of the workforce and it begins with:

  • Leveraging tech to enable Employee Health & Workplace Safety
  • Leveraging AI & ML in enabling Intelligent & Automated Conversational Experiences for Employees
  • Driving Employee Engagement with Personalization at every touchpoint
  • Rebooting HR Operations & driving digital transformation across the organization

Our Speakers
Virender Aggarwal
Virender Aggarwal

CEO, Ramco Systems

Lim Chee Gay
Lim Chee Gay


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