Continuous career development/ reboot – How to identify gaps and align learning
FRIDAY, APR 30TH | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Continuous career development– How to identify gaps and align learning

In a fast changing skills marketplace, employees today need to play a proactive role in rebooting their career development roadmap – to align it with the needs of the business and their own career aspirations.

Recent research on learning has shown that learners crave for a story/ narrative in their learning process, they also need to have a growth mindset and map their interests to learning. Further, guided learning journeys can truly nurture the learner without having to rely on the manager.

To align these insights, L&D teams need to be able to identify skills-fit and map the learning path that will play a critical role in accelerating the career shift.

  1. How to identify and assess current employees on their skills?
  2. How to align learning paths/ roadmaps that is aligned to the business.
  3. What steps can L&D teams take to disproportionally boost learning?
  4. When to reboot career development – even when it is a feature of the job?
  5. How to leverage technology to make continuous career development a proactive process?

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