Webcast: Crafting an Enhanced Employee Experience with HR Technology
Crafting an Enhanced Employee Experience with HR Technology
TUESDAY, OCT 13TH | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Crafting an Enhanced Employee Experience: Insights from Ujjivan’s Remote Digital Transformation

This pandemic is fueling the need for HR teams and organisations alike to rethink the way we work and make swift changes that support the shifting employee needs. Investing in digitization can give companies this agility they need not only to improve employee engagement and overall productivity but also reduce the company’s business risk.

While the multi-functional complexities exist and are only doubling in a remote mode, when the org vision is clear, the odds often don’t matter. Ujjivan, Small Finance Bank, #3 Great Place to Work, was on a mission to deliver a superior experience to its 17000+ employees, and they did so by leading their Digital HR Transformation successfully in 100% remote mode..

Join us in this conversation with Mr Sanjay Kao, CHRO, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, to decode the A-Z of leading a digital HR transformation remotely:

The session will focus on:

  • How digital HR will be key to thriving during the economic recovery and the next normal that will follow
  • Critical beginning steps of planning a digital HR transformation of this scale
  • Key challenges to look out for while changing the digital HR landscape
  • Best practices for successfully undergoing a 100% remote digital transformation
  • Driving change management in a remote organization to ensure adoption and deliver impact

Our Speakers
Sanjay Kao
Sanjay Kao

Head HR
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank Ltd.

Rohit Chennamaneni
Rohit Chennamaneni

Co- Founder

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