Webcast: Decoding Adoption of Wellness Benefits: HR Leader’s Perspective
Decoding Adoption of Wellness Benefits: HR Leader’s Perspective
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WEDNESDAY, SEP 28TH | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Decoding Adoption of Wellness Benefits: HR Leader’s Perspective

With wellness benefits becoming the cornerstone of an engaged and healthy workforce, organisations across the spectrum are looking at creating impactful programs. From designing to execution, the last few years have seen a rise in investments and time towards creating wellness programs relevant to the company. But the efficacy of such programs critically hinges on the adoption of wellness benefits.

Today wellness programs are targeted to better employee health and wellbeing, raise productivity, and drive engagement, among other objectives. However, to ensure organisations can reap the benefits of a robust wellness program, many need to look closely at how they are spurring the adoption of wellness benefits. This involves taking a holistic approach to designing and implementing wellness programs today. Additionally, organisations find themselves in uncertain waters to facilitate adoption by changing employee preferences like the need for flexibility, personalisation, and a culture that prioritises wellness.

To delve further into barriers many face while raising adoption levels and decoding the winning formula for a successful wellness program, People Matters and MediBuddy brings you the exclusive webcast “Decoding wellness benefits adoptions: HR Leader’s Perspective.” Join us as a panel of experienced HR leaders discuss ways of creating impactful wellness programs.

In this webcast, we shall explore:

  1. What employee trends and preferences determine the adoption of wellness programs?
  2. How can using digital healthcare tools improve the adoption of wellness benefits? What critical strategies are necessary to leverage digital tools successfully?
  3. What is the best way to create wellness benefits relevant to employees? Should a prescriptive best practices model be followed, or is customisation the future?
  4. How can HR leaders create future-ready wellness programs that can be successful in an era marked by rapid changes to how we work?

Our Speakers
Rachna Kumar
Rachna Kumar

HR Head, Whirlpool Asia

Sharada Ravi
Sharada Ravi

Director HR, IQVIA

Manoj Balaji
Manoj Balaji

CBO & Business Head, MediBuddy

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