Webcast: Demystifying action learning – Design, execution and impact
Demystifying action learning – Design, execution and impact
TUESDAY, JUL 13TH | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Digital skilling strategy for leadership development – Lessons from action learning

Amid the shifts that businesses have undergone ever since the pandemic began, learning and development has become a critical business differentiator. In fact, in a hybrid workplace – digital learning is a key component of employee experience.

But most companies have relied exclusively on classroom training for their leadership development programs. In this session, we will reflect on how you can replicate a compelling experience by introducing action learning techniques and aligning the right learning resources.

Action learning combines program knowledge with the curiosity element of asking questions. Participants bring their real life problems and are facilitated by coaches to reflect along the learning path. The impact of the approach is powerful. From improving learning effectiveness, boosting specialization and enabling the acceleration of team based projects, action learning can be transformative to organizational learning.

In this session brought to you by People Matters and Skillsoft, from the success story of Equiniti, you will learn about the entire action learning lifecycle – from identifying executives, aligning resources and the role of learning coaches, to reviewing progress.

Key Discussion Points

  • Why is it important to rethink your leadership development strategy?
  • How can you design action learning programs for your executives using digital resources?
  • What are some of the challenging areas that you need to be prepared for?
  • How can you execute the program with high learning engagement?
  • What are the top impact measures you need to track?
  • Our Speaker
    Manikandan PK
    Manikandan PK

    Head of L&D
    Equiniti India

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