Webcast: Elevating the way we identify, measure, and develop talent
Elevating the way we identify, measure, and develop talent
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Wednesday, August 18TH | 03:00 pm-04:00 PM SGT
Elevating the way we identify, measure, and develop talent

Organizational success is largely driven by the acquisition of the best talent available. However, statistics reveal that 25% of mission-critical positions often remain vacant after five months. As organizations compete for the top candidates, they expend large sums of money, time, and other resources in advertising and recruitment. Research shows that the careful use of talent assessments can result in increased productivity, cost savings, development, and better retention of top employees.

To help you sort the many assessments available, this webcast will look at a holistic set of assessment tools that are enabling companies to benchmark their current skills in order to identify the right employees and learning programs.

This webcast will reflect and ideate around challenges and opportunities like:

  1. How can organizations solve the ongoing talent crunch and prepare the internal talent for the emerging future roles?
  2. What are the imperative skills to support the future of work?
  3. How can we better identify and measure skills gaps and develop personalized skilling paths?
  4. How we can measure the outcomes of our skilling programs to prove ROI to the business?

Our Speakers
Steven Yudiyantho
Steven Yudiyantho

Senior Vice President,PT Bank Mandiri

Matt Stevens
Matt Stevens

Head of TalentLens, Pearson

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