Emerging learning models and strategies for a hybrid future
FRIDAY, DEC 11TH | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Emerging learning models and strategies for a hybrid future – A panel discussion

The future of the workforce is going to be hybrid in nature - as companies open up to remote workers, on-site employees, and gig workers, there's a need to rethink what the learning mandate is going to look like. From defining learning roadmaps to supporting the learner in their career journey, L&D teams will need to leverage the power of data and technology to personalize and experiment with various learning formats.

In this panel discussion, we will talk to leading experts to understand how they're thinking about the evolving learning priorities for a distributed workforce, the alignment that needed to drive the business forward and the relationship between formats and learning outcomes.

  1. How are learning models emerging in the context of a hybrid future?
  2. What are some key focus areas (from designing roadmaps to personalization) that L&D teams need to focus on? And why?
  3. How should companies think about learning technology platforms and emerging new trends?
  4. How is the role of L&D changing in a new world of work?

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