Webcast: Enabling Organisations to Meet Their Hiring Needs
Enabling Organisations to Meet Their Hiring Needs
LIVE Virtual Session
TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 16th | 03:00 PM - 4:00 PM IST
Enabling Organisations to Meet Their Hiring Needs

Earlier this year, NASSCOM reported that the demand for cloud technology professionals is likely to hit 2 million in 2025. With this statistic in mind and a vast pool of talent looking to build their careers, a facet requiring attention is entry-level hiring. Even prior to the talent acquisition process, companies lay out their hiring needs and it is critical that we find the most efficient strategies to achieve this for greater business outcomes. Simultaneously, opportunities need to be made available for fresh talent to acquire the digital skills in demand.

In this session hosted by People Matters and Great Learning where we focus on meeting entry-level hiring needs in a digital world, leaders will discuss:

  1. What are the essential digital skills that organizations are looking for these days?
  2. What are some of the challenges that companies face in the realm of entry-level hiring?
  3. How can the potential of fresh talent be leveraged to meet the digital technology skills in demand?
  4. How can the gap between organizations looking to hire and freshers looking to be hired be bridged?
  5. Finally, post the talent acquisition process, what are some of the things leaders must keep in mind to ensure talent retention?

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