Webcast: Getting started with the Hybrid Workplace
Getting started with the Hybrid Workplace
LIVE Webcast
THURSDAY, NOV 26TH | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Getting started with the Hybrid Workplace: The future of work

Since COVID-19 upended our lives, employees around the world have settled into the rhythms of mandatory remote work. Now, as companies try to decide the best way forward for their workers, it’s clear that many employees don’t want to stuff the genie entirely back into the bottle.

With a demanding situation, employees will be expecting a change in the style and execution of work. And it will begin with the layout of the workplace. With time, as the situation gets better, only a small proportion of the workforce will work from home. But social/physical distancing will be ‘in’ for a long time. So, keeping in mind the necessity to stay healthy without blocking interactions, hybrid workplaces will be working wonders in times like this.

In this webcast by People Matters and WorkInSync, powered by MoveInSync, we will reflect on how 'Hybrid’ is key to understanding the more flexible future of work. We will address:

  1. What is the hybrid workplace model and what does working in a hybrid way look like?
  2. What are some aspects that need to be considered while investing in a hybrid workplace model?
  3. How do you manage employee experience in a hybrid workplace model?
  4. How businesses can reinvent policies and processes to transition into a hybrid workplace model?


Join us in this exciting webcast session and help your people develop a longer-term hybrid workplace model.

Our Speakers
Deepesh Agarwal
Deepesh Agarwal

WorkInSync & MoveInSync

Dr. Nirav Mandir
Dr. Nirav Mandir

Shree Ramakrishna Exports

Niren Srivastava
Niren Srivastava

Head - HR
Adiya Birla Group

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