Webcast: How high-growth companies can win the war for talent
How high-growth companies can win the war for talent
LIVE Webcast
FRIDAY, SEP 03RD | 10:59 am - 12:00 pm
Building a winning team: A hiring guide for high-growth companies

It is the people and their indispensable skills that take companies from ideas to excellence. Especially for emerging startups looking to scale up there is a critical need to invest in the human capital of a company to drive its intellectual capital. However, most startups struggle to hire right and the tough competition in the market for top talent makes it more challenging. In such scenario, companies who are looking for rapid and consistent growth need to step up their hiring game. But what is the effective hiring formula for companies to attract & retain top talent?

To help business leaders and talent professionals in high growth companies improve their hiring practices and build an organisation fabric where top talent can thrive, People Matters and inFeedo are hosting an exclusive webcast.

  1. Get actionable insights to build an effective hiring strategy in a high growth company
  2. Learn how to create an attractive employer brand & cut through tough competition
  3. Create a blue print of hiring practices that will work for your company
Our Speakers
Babu Vittal
Babu Vittal

CHRO, Vedantu

Pranali Save
Pranali Save

CHRO, Icertis

Zeeshan Ramlan
Zeeshan Ramlan

Director & Head HR, CoinSwitch Kuber

Tanmaya Jain
Tanmaya Jain

Founder & CEO, infeedo

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