Webcast: How Open Talent Networks are redefining talent management
How Open Talent Networks are redefining talent management
FRIDAY | 1st JULY, 11:30 AM- 12:30 PM IST

The use of blockchain technology and the principles of Web 3.0 have led to the creation of Open Talent Networks, which are fast reshaping how we work, interact, and collaborate. Right from establishing intra-system connectivity in organisations to avoid siloed work, to providing them the infrastructure to access a whole gamut of services from the talent ecosystem, such as full time talent, freelancers, recruiters, interviewers, and BGV agencies etc., and creating a seamless link with other organisations and financial services providers- the possibilities are endless!

In its current shape and form, Open Talent Networks are already providing industry-wide salary insights, smart offer rollouts, reliable background and skills verification, dependable referrals, and instant third party services for their employees. All of these improve HR productivity and employee experience, reshaping the entire talent management process.

To deliberate further on the role and the potential of Open Talent Networks in redefining the future of talent management, People Matters and Repute bring you this exclusive webcast. Explore how creating a “Trust-free collaboration” ecosystem can revolutionise your talent management practices and provide your employees a superior experience.

We will explore the following topics:

  • The meaning and relevance of Open Talent Networks and their impact on HR productivity & the entire talent life cycle
  • Nuances of a “trust-free” open collaboration network and its strengths over current solutions
  • The possibilities an Open Talent Network provides to redefine HR processes and transform how work is done in the future
  • Addressing the concerns of data security and privacy within such open networks
  • Our Speakers
    Vinay Agrawal
    Vinay Agrawal

    Global Head Business HR, Tech Mahindra

    Deepak Dhar
    Deepak Dhar

    CEO & Co-Founder, Repute

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