Webcast: How to create a business case for HR transformation
How to create a business case for HR transformation
LIVE Virtual Session
FRIDAY, JULY 30TH | 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM SGT
Online masterclass for HR Leaders: How to create a business case for HR transformation

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HR transformations require a lot of work and strategy up front. Before anyone in the C-suite approves a major transformation, they’re going to need to hear a convincing argument. Despite the fact that every single HR transformation that has been approved, the road from ideation to execution is a long one.

Inside the Masterclass:

In this masterclass, brought to you by People Matters and SAP SuccessFactors, learn about the tried-and-true methods that can be employed for your HR transformation business case building.

Here are some critical questions, that we will be addressing:

  1. What is the impetus for change? Why do we have to do this now? What are the business benefits? Is it de-risking? Is it acceleration? Is it fostering growth?
  2. What are the metrics? How are we going to measure success? Do we care about industry benchmarks, key competitors, internal standards, or all of the above? Are we prioritizing improving our engagement scores? And how are we going to know we’ve arrived (because frankly, once you start transforming, you’re never done)?
  3. What’s the scope? What’s the functional, geographical, and operational scope? Which processes and which populations are we targeting, and when?
  4. Who are our sponsors in this process? Who’s been a good steward? Who’s been involved throughout? Who will be surprised to learn about this initiative? Are there winners and losers, and if so, have we thoughtfully considered the political ramifications?
  5. What’s our timeline? Are we going for a “big bang” approach or staging the initiative over multiple years? How does the proposed timeline align to our fiscal year?

Our Speakers
Ben Eubanks
Ben Eubanks

Chief Research Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Sujay Bhat
Sujay Bhat

Director - HR Technology, SAP SuccessFactor

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