Webcast: How to Create a Good Learning Experience
How to Create a Good Learning Experience
THURSDAY, JUN 11TH | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Designing a great learning experience: Environment, data and strategy

Work is fundamentally changing.

Today, employees want more than engaging videos and shorter content. They want career development support, ongoing skill development opportunities – otherwise known as experiences. But according to Degreed data, only 31% of workers were offered projects of other development opportunities, and only 39% were offered regular feedback on performance and skills.

Join us for a conversation on how you can create better learning experiences for your workers:

  1. What employees want from their L&D organizations?
  2. The best way to get dynamic learning and skill data about employees, teams and the workforce.
  3. How can leaders create the right environments and foster experiences that put employees at the center of the learning universe?
  4. What is the role of technology in enabling the shift? And what should you look for, while shortlisting technology?
Our Speaker
Rahul Dhatariya
Rahul Dhatariya

Asst. Vice President Global HR Technology, Analytics & Shared Services at Tata Communications

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