Webcast: How to Create a Reskilling Strategy
How to Create a Reskilling Strategy
WEDNESDAY, JUL 29th| 10:30 am - 11:30 am
How to design a reskilling strategy – Reimagine work, jobs and careers

Work is fundamentally changing, requiring people at all levels to reimagine work and people development.

Talent and learning teams can lead the way in helping businesses stay competitive during this time of extreme disruption, and efforts should be focused on skills and matching those skills to both learning and career opportunities.

Join Degreed’s CLO Kelly Palmer as she provides a new, 7-step framework for creating the work experiences that will help companies and individuals thrive in reskilling efforts.

Join this session to gain insights on:

  1. How to create actionable plans that reimagine work, and redefine jobs and careers?
  2. How to use data to identify skills critical for the workforce of the future?
  3. Retooling methods that can keep your workforce agile.
  4. How to connect people to new opportunities as work evolves?
Our Speaker
Kelly Palmer
Kelly Palmer

Chief Learning Officer

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