Webcast: How to overcome red flags in your communication strategy
How to overcome red flags in your communication strategy
LIVE Virtual Session
THURSDAY, SEP 23rd | 03:00 PM To 4:00 PM SGT
How to overcome red flags in your communication strategy

Developing great communication skills is a key to professional success.

Communication skills have always been instrumental for senior leaders. But they’ve become equally important for aspiring leaders.

Professionals today are expected to show polished “executive” communications skills earlier in their careers, to a wider network of audiences. Getting work done through distributed teams, virtual workforces, and flattened hierarchies requires having outstanding strategic communications abilities. Yet, these skills are rarely taught–if at all–until professionals are already in senior management.

This webcast will look into:

  1. Why do talent leaders need to bring their focus on the essential of the soft skill: Communication?
  2. What are some of the gaps in the workplace communication strategy that needs to be corrected?
  3. How to build language skills that lead to better and clear communication strategies?
  4. How to design an engaging communication strategy and the culture of communication?

Our Speakers
Joe Lam
Joe Lam

Managing Director, Pearson Education Asia

Jacely Voon
Jacely Voon

Chief of People Officer, People, Culture & CSR, FUJIFILM Business Innovation Singapore

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