Webcast: HR Evolution Perspectives 2023 - Decoding Agility and Experience
HR Evolution Perspectives 2023 - Decoding Agility and Experience
LIVE Webcast
Wednesday November 08th, 03:00 - 04:00 PM SGT
HR Evolution Perspectives 2023: Decoding Agility and Experience

The HR Evolution Perspectives 2023: Empower and Evolve is the largest study of its kind in Asia, and with over 1200+ organisations and 1500+ employees sharing their voices, its findings and insights paint a fascinating yet challenging picture of the HR landscape. From a growing demand for work-life integration to the rising risk of building strategic capabilities in 2023, HR Evolution Perspectives is an in-depth guide to understanding how to drive agility, experience, and HR transformation today.

But how can findings from the study help you improve your talent results?

Join us as we look closely at findings that are going to be pivotal in shaping how HR evolution unfolds in 2023 and beyond presented to you by Darwinbox in association with People Matters.

We look at both what CXOs and employees have to say and link deep insights to actionable interventions that will help you unlock your impact into driving critical areas of Agility and Experience.

In this session, we explore:

  • Top 5 insights from research study that are vital for HR leaders to address.
  • Determinants of a winning formula for accelerating agility and EX.
  • Employer vs Employee Perspectives: Is there a gap?
  • The roadmap for HR evolution: skills and mindset shifts required to unlock productivity.
  • Our Speakers
    Nerissa (Carbonell) Berba
    Nerissa (Carbonell) Berba

    EVP/ Chief People Officer, Security Bank Corporation

    Vikrant Khanna
    Vikrant Khanna

    Global Head - Value Management, Advisory & Solutions, Darwinbox

    Ester Martinez
    Ester Martinez

    CEO and Editor-in-chief, People Matters

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