Webcast: HR transformation Strategy in the New World of Work_ BFSI 2
HR transformation Strategy in the New World of Work_ BFSI 2
TUESDAY, AUG 31ST | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
HR transformation Strategy in the New World of Work

The pandemic has put forward a new reality in the HR transformation strategy. Organizations are responding to the crisis by accelerating their HR practices and strategizing digital transformation.

Aligning with the thought, People Matters introduces an exclusive panel discussion on 'HR transformation Strategy in the New World of Work'. Delving deep into the conversation, we thought of bringing together industry leaders from 2 different economies and let our community/ audience learn from insights and opportunities from global organizations.

The conversation will enable an opportunity to build a bridge between the East & West thought process on human capital changing trends and approaches adapted by organizations

Key takeaways:

  • Reflections on the impact of the pandemic
  • New trends on HR transformation in the current year
  • Three predictions of the New World of Work
  • Top business and how is HR accelerating the business to achieve these business outcomes
  • Plan of action for adopting technology across the employee lifecycle
  • Key vision of the overall HR transformation plan

Our Speakers
Anupam	Sirbhaiya
Anupam Sirbhaiya

Chief of Human Resources & Administration
Bajaj Finance

Wagner Denuzzo
Wagner Denuzzo

Vice-President, Head of Capabilities for Future of Work
Prudential Financial

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