Webcast: Humanizing Candidate Experience in a Virtual Hiring Environment
Humanizing Candidate Experience in a Virtual Hiring Environment
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Humanizing Candidate Experience in a Virtual Hiring Environment

 In the coming few years, a hybrid workforce of onsite and remote employees will become the standard, a hybrid hiring process that combines virtual and in-person elements will become the norm. And with this, the challenges for companies will be twofold. First, businesses will need to refine their virtual processes and, as they adopt new technologies, make sure they continue to look for ways to add human touches back into their systems. Second, they will have to decide when they’ll use virtual and when they’ll use in-person; how will they optimize the candidate experience and assessments advantages of in-person yet continue to leverage the speed and efficiency of virtual.  

In this session, we will delve deeper into industry practices and learn how they are creating a candidate experience that is high-tech yet human. 

This webcast will reflect and ideate around challenges and opportunities like:

  1. How do recruitment teams amidst this rising uncertainty in hiring and keeping the right talent engaged?
  2. Today, recruitment is a candidate-driven market with a plethora of opportunities available to the right talent. How can organizations win this new age war for talent? 
  3. To build out a strong workforce, how can one find quality candidates faster without a draining budget?
  4. How can high-growth companies, where speed of hiring matters, create a candidate experience that is meaningful and long term?
  5. How can recruitment teams speed up the process and boost hiring efficiency in the era of Great Resignation and War of Talent?

Our Speakers
Charles H. Ferguson
Charles H. Ferguson

GM APAC, Globalization Partners

Kartik Krishnamurthy
Kartik Krishnamurthy

VP APAC, Paradox

Dr William S.
Dr William S.

Group Head of HR & IT, Chasen Holdings Limited

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