Webcast: Identity-based Approach to People Development
Identity-based Approach to People Development
LIVE Virtual Session
THURSDAY, JUNE 15th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Identity-based Approach to People Development: A Leader's Roadmap

The success of any organization lies in the hands of its leaders and managers. They are responsible for creating a positive and productive work environment, driving change, and shaping the company culture.

With the current pace of change in the business world, it has become crucial for leaders and managers to adapt to the new norms, stay ahead of the curve, and be the driving force behind organizational success.As companies strive to become learning organisations, they must train their leaders to become self-aware, chart the future, command the present and inspire people along the journey.

Join us for a webinar on Brainayan's WhoPoShoRo Model of People Management, which leverages insights from individual identity and social identity theories in psychology to build different workplace personas, enhance learning, and improve performance.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why is it important to focus on leaders?
  • What are the steps you need to take to equip leaders as businesses change       quickly?
  • How can you leverage technology to support your mandate for leaders?
  • What are some of the challenge and opportunity areas you need to address?
  • Our Speakers
    Nitin More
    Nitin More

    Founder at Brainayan

    Surya Prakash Mohapatra
    Surya Prakash Mohapatra

    Global Head, Talent Transformation & L&D, Wipro

    Sachin Gaur
    Sachin Gaur

    Global Head, Learning & Development, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories

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