Webcast: Increasing engagement & collaboration with tech
Increasing engagement & collaboration with tech
LIVE Virtual Session
TUESDAY, AUGUST 03RD | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM SGT
Connecting your frontline workforce – Increasing engagement & collaboration with tech

Remote work has suddenly gained popularity in the past year. However, for many companies who have a huge frontline workforce, remote work is not an option. Instead, for these companies, the lack of communication and collaboration between dispersed teams has posed a huge challenge. Since the pandemic, it has become even more challenging to connect the frontline employees to the rest of the organisation, with most branch offices and headquarters also unoperational due to lockdown in many countries.

When the frontline workforce feels disconnected, it hampers their engagement and efficiency at work. Pandemic or not: What’s the one solution to enable your frontline workforce?

As the entire world of work now moves to more remote ways of working, what emerges as an effective solution or replacement to the physical space of work is a ‘digital workplace’. A digital workplace will enable the frontline to always stay connected with their teams and managers.

In this virtual roundtable discussion, hosted by People Matters and Workplace from Facebook, we will divulge the secret recipe of Connecting, Collaborating & Communicating with your frontline workforce with the help of a digital workplace. The HR leaders, business partners, and talent professionals will come together to:

  1. Address the challenges frontline employees could face in the new hybrid workplace
  2. Explore how digital tools can be leveraged to ensure collaboration & engagement among the frontline workforce
  3. Discuss the role of HR in enabling a work system that allows frontline employees to stay connected no matter where they are working from

Our Speakers
Ivy Paraluman De Borja
Ivy Paraluman De Borja

VP for People & Culture, Acquire BPO

Ria Lao
Ria Lao

Enterprise Client Partner, Workplace from Facebook

Ester Martinez
Ester Martinez

CEO & Editor-in-Chief
People Matters

Anung Anindita
Anung Anindita

Senior Vice President Human Resources, PT. Pegadaian (Persero)

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