Webcast: Job descriptions change, lifelong learning doesn’t
Job descriptions change, lifelong learning doesn’t
TUESDAY, JUL 20TH | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Navigating a skills refresh in sales and leadership – Insights from Retail, CG and Pharmaceutical

A combination of new technologies, new business models and product modalities are transforming how businesses operate. They are also changing the skills mandate.

Research suggests that increased automation in retail and consumer goods as well as the pharmaceutical sectors demand high-level cognitive capabilities – from social and emotional skills to logical reasoning and creativity.

Sales professionals will need to become like tomorrow’s marketers, they need to possess analytical skills and become data literate. And business leaders need to possess a solid understanding of digital, analytics and data to advance the future of work agenda. In a study of over 3,000 business leaders across seven countries, one in five top executives said their peers lack sufficient understanding of new technologies.

How can organizations equip their workforce to navigate volatility with foresight and agility? In a dynamic, ever-evolving world, how can L&D training ensure strategic thinking and sales-driven innovation for overall organizational success?

In this in-depth virtual session, hear from leading experts on designing learning roadmaps to build a cadre of future-ready talent. Here's what we'll cover:

  • Why should companies re-examine existing sales and leadership training strategies?
  • What are the top macro trends that are transforming the world of business in Pharmaceuticals, Retail and Consumer Goods companies?
  • As automation reshapes jobs and skills, what should the reskilling strategy look like?
  • How can a culture of learning foster long-lasting business impact?
  • How can leaders enable better sales and customer-centricity from teams?
  • Our Speaker
    Harpreet Pannu
    Harpreet Pannu

    Director and Head Sales and Marketing Academy

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