Webcast: Leadership & Coaching in the Hybrid World
Leadership & Coaching in the Hybrid World
THURSDAY, MAY 06TH | 2 PM IST | 4:30 PM SGT | 9:30 AM BST
Leadership & Coaching in the Hybrid World

As we move beyond the in-person model of operating, what are some actionable ways to effectively motivate and communicate with hybrid teams? How can we develop and manage employees remotely, have difficult conversations, and ensure that distributed teams are collaborating and contributing successfully and equitably? There is no absolute answer to these questions but we can start the journey to find the answers together.

Join this session to understand the importance of communicating, establishing trust and building strong working relationships for leading and coaching in a Hybrid world of work.

  1. What are the Unique challenges of leading a virtual, remote or dispersed team?
  2. How to reimagine coaching for virtual teams?
  3. How to set expectations and motivate teams?

Our Speakers
Pilar Orti
Pilar Orti

Virtual not Distant

Cindy Scholts
Cindy Scholts

Virtual L&D Manager
People Matters BeNext

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