Webcast: Leading the Change: How to Manage and Thrive with Gen Z
Leading the Change: How to Manage and Thrive with Gen Z
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WEDNESDAY, JULY 24TH | 04:00 PM - 04:45 PM IST
Leading the Change: How to Manage and Thrive with Gen Z

Generation Z is rewriting the rules of talent management with a strong emphasis on values and work-life balance, challenging companies to rethink their hiring strategies. As this cohort gears up to dominate the workforce, comprising over 33% of the global population, employers face a pivotal moment.

They must not only meet Gen Z's demand for diverse workplaces and personalized career paths but also nurture a culture that fosters continuous learning and embraces innovation. Join us for an exciting exploration of these trends in our upcoming People Matters webcast and discover how organizations can thrive in the era of Gen Z.

We’ll discuss:

  • Based on your experience of working with and for Gen Z talent, what are the core values and priorities of Gen Z that influence their work ethic and expectations?
  • How does Gen Z's digital-native background impact communication styles and preferred work environments? For instance, how have you seen Gen Z's preference for digital communication platforms influencing current recruitment processes?
  • How can we leverage data analytics to better understand and predict Gen Z behaviour and preferences during the first interaction with them i.e. hiring process?
  • Beyond traditional career paths, how can organizations offer flexible career development opportunities that appeal to Gen Z's desire for continuous learning and skill enhancement?
  • How can companies attract and retain top Gen Z talent in a competitive market? What are some innovative things done by some companies?
  • How can organizations future-proof their talent strategies to anticipate and adapt to future shifts in Gen Z's expectations and behaviours?
  • Our Speakers
    Ankit Aggarwal
    Ankit Aggarwal

    CEO & Founder, Unstop

    Harjeet Khanduja
    Harjeet Khanduja

    Senior Vice President HR, Reliance Jio

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