Webcast: Leveraging Soft Skills in the 'Talent Marketplace
Leveraging Soft Skills in the 'Talent Marketplace
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 18th | 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM SGT
Leveraging Soft Skills in the 'Talent Marketplace'

Today's pace of technological acceleration has pushed organizations to consider alternative ways of identifying high-potential talent. While hard skills and technical expertise are important to meet immediate business demands, more companies are incorporating soft skills into their markers of candidate-fit: not just with external candidates, but also with internal employees who might have the potential to be reskilled and redeployed. From an employer perspective, this increases the likelihood of a solid long-term match between candidates and roles; from an employee perspective, it helps ensure that they are continually engaged in jobs that are aligned to their inherent strengths.

This is the modern talent marketplace, enhanced by leveraging soft skills to give a holistic view of high-fit talent that is consistent across internal and external pools. How can we start to build this framework within and across organizations? We invite participants to share their practices, plans, and hopes for how soft skills can be better evaluated and used to gauge the potential of both internal and external talent.

This session aims to surface the following takeaways:

  • How is the ‘talent marketplace’ transforming in step with the organization’s changing needs?
  • What are the tools and processes that the organization is using to identify high-fit talent, consistently and fairly across internal and external candidates?
  • How are organizations creating a culture of internal mobility and enabling managers to look beyond a candidate's past experiences?

Our Speakers
Johan G van Vuuren
Johan G van Vuuren

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Jay Chan
Jay Chan

SVP Human Resources - Talent Acquisition
United Overseas Bank

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