Webcast: Leveraging the Talent Marketplace to Boost Business Growth
Leveraging the Talent Marketplace to Boost Business Growth
THURSDAY, JULY 21st | 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM IST
Leveraging the Talent Marketplace to Boost Business Growth

HR leaders today are responsible for driving business growth. With technological shifts, talent has become a key component of how companies can successfully leverage tech to grow.

Now, with the talent war reignited, HR leaders are building newer and better ways to find and attract talent to support growth plans. But often, the issue of how companies can map out the talent economy and deploy existing workers to address their skills gaps gets sidelined.

With a talent marketplace, companies can do just that. With the cost of a failed hire being significantly high, a talent marketplace provides HR leaders with a quick and reliable way to address skill demands. It facilitates the rapid deployment of talent across the different functions of organizations and helps people find projects or developmental assignments that match their skill sets. If used strategically, a talent marketplace can be an impactful mentoring tool and allow a way to promote job-sharing and gig work, furthering business agility and enabling HR leaders to be better equipped to support future business needs.

While the concept of a talent marketplace remains useful, HR leaders remain unclear on how to leverage it to address their business needs. To deliberate this further, People Matters and Virkware are excited to bring you a webinar that will help explore the possibilities of a talent marketplace and delve further into the following topics:

  • The role of the talent marketplace in promoting employee engagement
  • Challenges that HR leaders face in attracting and retaining talent to support business growth
  • Benefits of a talent marketplace to address talent development
  • The nuances of implementing a talent marketplace
  • Critical strategies to ensure talent marketplace is a success
  • Our Speakers
    Sunil Misra
    Sunil Misra

    CEO, Emtec Inc

    Vijay Yadav
    Vijay Yadav

    Chief Revenue Officer, Virkware

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