Webcast: Making intelligent learning experience a reality
Making intelligent learning experience a reality
WEDNESDAY, AUG 05TH | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
How RPG is making learning experiential, intuitive, and intelligent

As organizations face challenges of this crisis, now is the time to upskill and reskill your workforce. Agility and the ability of companies in adapting to meet new demands both current and future is critical.

Redeploying talent to support the most business-critical functions is key. Maintaining productivity in a world that’s now largely remote is a new reality.
Learning is crucial to all of this. It's time to relook at reimaging employee learning experience in your organization to make it intelligent and intuitive to meet these goals. Organizations must evolve their training solutions to better manage costs, address skill gaps, and comply with learning standards and employee expectations and make their employees more curious to learn.

With this regards, Mahesh Padala, General Manager & Head - L & OD, KEC International will share his process in making learning experiential, intuitive, and intelligent.

In this webcast by People Matters and SAP SuccessFactors, take charge of leading a change in the learning journey by:

  1. How technology can be your sherpa for accelerating the ROI of learning: A snapshot of SAP SuccessFactors Learning technology solutions
  2. How to integrate experience into learning
  3. How India's one of the biggest conglomerates, RPG Group is making learning experiential, intuitive, and intelligent
Our Speaker
Mahesh Padala
Mahesh Padala

General Manager & Head - L & OD
KEC International

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