Webcast: Navigating the Intersectional Employee Wellness Initiatives
Navigating the Intersectional Employee Wellness Initiatives
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29th | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM IST
Navigating the Intersectional Employee Wellness Initiatives

With the world of work undergoing an unprecedented yet accelerated change, people have had to face massive pressures and challenges on a lot of fronts. This comes as a result of the increased interaction between formal and personal spaces of employees which is bound to create friction. Organisations can no longer do away with a ‘one size fits all’ employee wellness programs as the hurdles tend to be increasingly unique.

Moreover, this uniqueness stems from the particular individual circumstance that an employee comes from which may relate to several facets of an identity ranging from religion, gender to financial. Acknowledging and accommodating this diversity is critical to taking the employee wellness initiative forward. Intersectionality and inclusiveness are interlinked as well and the efforts made on the part of leaders need to have greater depth and understanding. A space has to be created and encouraged where employees can address their concerns or to just be heard.

With this in mind, People Matters and AtEase have come together to host a session on furthering the employee wellness agenda by creating safe spaces:

  • What is the value of intersectionality in the workplace and employee wellness programs?
  • What are some of the challenges that continue to be present to ensure wellbeing at the workplace?
  • How can leaders go about creating a safe space where employees can feel seen, heard and understood?
  • In driving wellness programs, what are some of the ways in which leaders can contribute to employee well being?
  • Our Speakers
    Nusheen Master Nalwala
    Nusheen Master Nalwala

    Employee Engagement, Wellness & Volunteering - Head APAC region, TATA Consultancy Services

    Madhumitha Venkataraman
    Madhumitha Venkataraman

    Founder, Diversity Dialogues

    Richa Vashista
    Richa Vashista

    Chief Mental Health Expert, Lilac Insights

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