Webcast: Redefining workforce management: Strategies to harness the power of a borderless workforce
Redefining workforce management: Strategies to harness the power of a borderless workforce
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Friday, September 29th | 02:00 PM - 03:00 PM SGT
Redefining Workforce Management: Strategies to Harness the Power of a Borderless Workforce

In an era characterized by unparalleled connectivity and borderless business operations, the way we approach workforce management has been redefined. Today, companies are no longer restricted by geographical limitations. Talent is everywhere, and the challenge lies in effectively managing it from all around the globe. As businesses reach out to harness the power of global talent, they encounter unique hurdles — from aligning with diverse cultural norms and regulatory systems to navigating intricate economic landscapes.

In this exclusive webinar, organized by People Matters in association with Atlas, the largest direct employer of record that helps you navigate the new world of work, leaders from across the industry will come together and discuss the challenges being faced by organizations when expanding overseas and best strategies to effectively manage a borderless workforce.

Some of the talking points include:

  • Challenges associated with handling payroll and other employee benefits and rewards for a distributed workforce.
  • Decoding payroll complexities when managing payroll for a scattered workforce, along with a focus on potential solutions.
  • How Employer of Record (EOR) services can transform the way businesses onboard and manage international talent.
  • Emerging EOR Trends: Unearthing trends that HR leaders must keep an eye on as they navigate the future of workforce management.
  • Our Speakers
    Liz Bay
    Liz Bay

    Senior Director, APAC Customer Success Leader, Atlas

    Shenton Sng
    Shenton Sng

    Vice President of HR, SPH Media

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