Webcast: Skilling Outlook 2022: Priorities and the Way Forward
Skilling Outlook 2022: Priorities and the Way Forward
FRIDAY, JANUARY 28th | 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM SGT
Skilling Outlook 2022: Priorities and the Way Forward

Southeast Asia has witnessed tremendous growth in the arena of industrial development and is now a key player in services, trade, communication and manufacturing sectors. Business leaders as a result have realised the importance of employee skill development and are aligning it to the labour market needs in the face of increasing globalisation which brings in a lot of foreign competition and demand. Skilling programs especially in the mining industry also need to be designed to cater to the frontline workers to increase operational excellence and for better workforce planning. Petronas, a pioneering Malaysia oil and gas company, has been known to invest in a skilling suite to provide role-based skilling to all their employees and use AI driven content engineering to offer a personalized learning experience.

When it comes to skill formation especially in the mining sector, priority areas have to be recognised and firms must ensure that skilling programs are set in place to gain a competitive edge, improve specialisation, efficiency and productivity levels. To set the stage for the skilling agenda in SEA this year, People Matters & Disprz are excited to bring you this webcast that takes a serious look at the past and borrows lessons for the future.

Some of the key points that will be covered by pioneers in the field are:

  • Learning trends that will shape the skilling trajectory for 2022
  • What does the job market look like in SEA?
  • Lessons from the learning challenges in 2021
  • What can organisations globally do better for increased skill formation among the current and incoming workforce?
  • Addressing skill imbalances in a highly globalised, competitive workplace
  • Our Speakers
    P. Swasono Satyo N.
    P. Swasono Satyo N.

    CHRO, Sinar Mas Mining

    Vineet Koka
    Vineet Koka

    SEA Director, Disprz

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