Skills for Effective Team Engagement & Alignment in the Virtual World
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Tuesday, 29th September 2020, 11 AM GMT
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Skills for Effective Team Engagement & Alignment in the Virtual World

The way we structure work needs to be reimagined to adapt to distributed; leaders need to design how teams collaborate & contribute and need to pave new ways to facilitate team motivation, interaction, learning, and coaching.

Remote team facilitation requires a new mindset, a new toolset, and an understanding of technology platforms available for the virtual facilitator.

People Matters BeNext launches its exclusive Working-from-Home Facilitator Certification Mastertrack.

In this upcoming session, we will explore:

  • As customers look at new ways to have their needs met, and as costs continue to create more pressure to look for remote and blended models, how do we redefine work?
  • What are the new skills needed for effective team engagement and alignment in the virtual world?
  • How do we proactively contribute to the organizational shift towards virtual and remote working models?

Increase your knowledge about remote working and have access to a range of answers, tools, and mechanisms to facilitate remote & distributed working at scale.

Our Speakers
Ester Martinez
Ester Martinez

CEO & Editor in Chief
People Matters

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