Webcast: Solving the conundrum of Great Resignation with EX
Solving the conundrum of Great Resignation with EX
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
Solving the conundrum of Great Resignation with EX

Right now, all companies, all CEOs, are rethinking the way their company works. They’re rethinking their culture. They’re rethinking their values and about what it means to work at their company. And on the other hand, you have employees globally who are rethinking not just how they work, but why they work and what they most want to do with their careers and lives.

In this virtual discussion by People Matters and Qualtrics, we will look into how organisations can approach the ongoing Great Resignation and retain talent by creating right experience for their employees.

Key takeaways:

  • Re-inventing your workplace in the face of rising attrition and a global workforce
  • The critical role of innovating strategies for a positive EX in talent retention
  • How tech based solutions can drive the agenda forward in building the right work culture
  • Best practices for an HR leader to implement in creating an attractive EVP

Our Speakers
Lauren Huntington
Lauren Huntington

Solution Strategist

Rishu Garg
Rishu Garg

Rivigo Services Pvt.

Rupali Tripathi
Rupali Tripathi

Talent Strategy Leader- People Ops
Grey Orange India Pvt.

Chitbhanu Nagri
Chitbhanu Nagri

Senior Vice President People Ops

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