Webcast: Sustaining Talent Partnerships to Elevate your Campus Hiring Strategies
Sustaining Talent Partnerships to Elevate your Campus Hiring Strategies
THURSDAY, APRIL 07th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST


Sustaining Talent Partnerships to Elevate your Campus Hiring Strategies

At a time when the hunt for highly skilled hires is becoming highly competitive, it is urgent for organisations to carefully strategise their recruitment plans to leverage the opportunities and benefits of campus hiring. One important solution to achieve this competitive edge in this ‘war for talent’ and get access to a highly qualified talent pool is by investing in the right industry-institute partnerships. This will not only enable access to the in-demand fresher and Gen Z workforce but also empower companies to address the skilling gaps that remain.

The question which arises then is this: On what grounds do you choose your campus partner?

To guide organisations in building the right partnerships and leverage the potential of the campus hiring, People Matters and Sunstone Eduversity are thrilled to bring to you the final session of the ongoing ‘Talent Talks’which will look at the recruitment landscape in strategic and innovative ways.

Some of the key discussion points that will take centre stage are:

  • Challenges of overcoming the demand-supply skill mismatch
  • Leveraging the potential of the fresher and Gen Z workforce
  • Choosing the right campus partner for your mass hiring needs
  • Elevating your industry-institute partnerships to meet the skill demand
  • Our Speakers
    Manu Saigal
    Manu Saigal

    Director-General Staffing, The Adecco India

    Pratima Pinto Thomas
    Pratima Pinto Thomas

    Head HR- Fino Payments Bank

    Tejaswini Adhikari
    Tejaswini Adhikari

    Chief Insights Officer, Future Group

    Abhishek Banerjee
    Abhishek Banerjee

    Vice President - Student outcomes (Training and placements), Sunstone Eduversity

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