Webcast: The (big) reboot on blended learning – What’s new and what’s impactful
The (big) reboot on blended learning – What’s new and what’s impactful
TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15th | 03:00 PM - 04:00 PM IST
The (big) reboot on blended learning – What’s new and what’s impactful

Companies have had the opportunity to optimize their remote learning strategies over the past eighteen months. There is enough research now to substantiate the learning gaps that arise from virtual learning and how to plug them in a compelling manner. While self-study courses have been the norm for remote working employees, research now suggests that there is a need for greater support and an enabling environment to ensure there are impactful business outcomes.

Apart from the variety of learning formats (video, audio, books, live), and device agnostic access to learning platforms, coaching platforms and coding labs have risen to fix the gaps in the learning journey and in on-the-job learning.

In this webinar, we will understand the challenges in both – synchronous and asynchronous learning formats and how performance can be accelerated by a blend of self paced courses, digital resources, challenges, cloud labs and instructor led sessions.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • What is the right mix of blended learning platforms that must be considered for your employees?
  • What are the top challenges in learning delivery of synchronous and asynchronous learning?
  • How can you equip learners to manage their own learning? And how do you create an ecosystem of support?
  • What new innovations – including practice labs and virtual coaching should you integrate?
  • Our Speakers
    Bidisha Banerjee
    Bidisha Banerjee

    Global Group Vice President Learning Culture and Employer Branding,

    Sameer Pande
    Sameer Pande

    Head - L&D
    Hero Motocorp

    Divyesh Sindhwaad
    Divyesh Sindhwaad

    Regional Vice President

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