Webcast: The Culture Advantage Index
The Culture Advantage Index
LIVE Webcast
TUESDAY, SEP 22ND | 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Shape Culture. Accelerate Change. Achieve Results.

In the light of current health and economic scenarios it is imperative that organizations continue to boost employee morale, keep their focus on the business results and hold them accountable for their deliverables.

Your strategy for achieving results will only get you so far. In our thirty years of working with top organizations around the world, it is clear that exceptional results are attained when organizational culture—the way people think and act—is aligned with your strategy.

The Culture Advantage Index™ by Partners in Leadership (PIL) – a thought leader in Culture of Accountability, evaluates the level at which your organizational culture provides competitive advantage. It is a valid and reliable scientific instrument that offers deep insight into the individual beliefs and behaviours that are impacting your organization’s ability to execute on strategy.

In this webcast by People Matters and DOOR International South East Asia on behalf of our parent company DOOR International BV, the global authorized partner of Partners in Leadership, you will learn how this assessment will help to measure the culture index using lens of:

  1. See It: Our ability to see issues and organizational challenges for what they really are
  2. Own It: Have psychological ownership of issues, projects and problems Solve It: Our capacity to use creative problem solving
  3. Do It: Work on the right actions and collaborate effectively

Leverage this valid and most reliable scientific instrument to diagnose, measure, and improve team/organizational culture. Evaluate strengths and deficiencies with remarkable precision to get culture right—and create your greatest competitive advantage.

The webcast will showcase the Sample Report and Tools for navigating your efforts to strengthen the culture.

Our Speaker
Ricardo Lillo
Ricardo Lillo

CEO, DOOR International, Germany

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