Webcast: The Digital Future Of Organizational Learning
The Digital Future Of Organizational Learning
LIVE Webcast
TUESDAY, SEP 29TH | 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

In the current (and future) VUCA world, businesses of all sizes and scales have to invest in continuous learning and development of their employees. Amid this transformation organizational learning is embracing digital learning as the core for the first time. And this learning can’t only be a tick in the box - It has to be relevant and contextual for every learner. When learning is embedded in a familiar and meaningful context, the chances of learning effectiveness increase and lead to better individual and organizational outcomes.

But the question is: How do learning and talent leaders enable digital learning for better professional growth and better business outcomes? And how do digital learning platforms help create value for organizations in this area?

In this webinar hosted by People Matters and myLearn, we help leaders find the answers to this question and get a guide to design more impactful and ROI-effective learning interventions.

Key Points/Takeaways:

  1. What is the path for digital learning in organizations currently? Is it the next step in learning evolution? What would it look like moving forward?
  2. What are the different digital tools and methodologies currently available for organizational learning?
  3. How can organizations leverage tech platforms & content to accelerate their organizational learning?
  4. How can organizations measure learning outcomes and effectiveness?
  5. What is contextual learning and how can organizations enable it?

Our Speaker
Nikhil Chandra
Nikhil Chandra

Founder & CEO, myLearn

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