Webcast: The role of embedded finance in employee benefits - Recent trends and Challenges
The role of embedded finance in employee benefits - Recent trends and Challenges
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20th | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM IST
The role of embedded finance in employee benefits - recent Trends and Challenges

There is no sector or industry that had been spared from the impact of the pandemic during its peak. And the most vulnerable lot were individual employees and their immediate families - especially those who did not have the right financial resources and safety nets in place.

During this time companies innovated with different ideas to support their employees - including giving advanced salaries, enabling employees to take loans at a reasonable rate and curating the right insurance. But many companies did not have the technology to easily drive these changes.

According to a research report by RBSA, the India Fintech market is all set to reach $6.2Billion by 2025 growing at a steady pace of 22.7% CAGR annually. And it’s time for companies to re-strategize and build an empathy-based employee experience offering insurance, loans and tax savings instruments with a click of a button.

In this expert discussion, we will talk to experts on navigating the current challenges and how BAAS (banking as a service) is changing the landscape of employee benefits.

In this webinar we will be talking about:

  • The current challenges in the traditional insurance, loans and tax savings instruments?
  • How companies can build empathy-based employee experience ensuring a differentiated experience.
  • Why employees should be made aware of the available options for the safety and security of their family.
  • How low code BAAS APIs is going to change the future of embedded finance?

Our Speakers
Nishanth Shishoo
Nishanth Shishoo

Head- Pensions & Benefits, Natwest Group, India

Naresh Gupta
Naresh Gupta

VP Finance, Zimyo

Leena Wakankar
Leena Wakankar

Head Infrastructure & CSR, ASK Group

Harpreet Sandhu
Harpreet Sandhu


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